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Our School Council

An introduction

Our School Council is made up of several Councillors and Deputies. We hold regular meetings throughout the year where discussions take place and decisions are made. As a council, we work closely with everyone to make sure pupils’ ideas and thoughts are heard. Through the school council, we learn how to contribute to society as a whole and learn to understand what it means to be an active citizen.


Being appointed as a school councillor

The role of a school councillor is an important one. You will have done very well to be appointed by your classmates, should you become a school councillor.

  • You will represent all of the children in the school at your council meetings. This is your main role. If anyone tells you a problem or makes a suggestion, you will be able to tell everyone about it at the meeting.
  • The school council will have a small budget, so you will have to think carefully about what you would like to spend this money on.
  • Whenever we appoint a new teacher or teaching assistant, you will be involved in the interview process.
  • You will be invited to some governor meetings, so that you can express your views to this important panel.
  • You may be invited to speak in assemblies over the year.
  • You will be expected to guide visitors around the school.

These are just a few responsibilities that you will have. You will have a special badge, which you should wear every day, so that other children know that you are a member of the school council.