Meet The Staff

Senior Leadership Team

  • Mr M Nunn

  • Mr C Baker

    Assistant Principal
  • Mr K Hopkinson

    Assistant Principal
  • Miss E Reynolds

    Assistant Principal
  • Mrs E Preece

    Assistant Principal

All Foundation & Key Stage 1 Staff

A dedicated team of people helping your child to be the best they can.
We recruit the very best teaching staff who want to bring
out the vitality and joy of learning in our children.

Foundation and KS1 Teaching Staff

  • Mrs M Evans

    Year 1 Teacher (Owls Class)
  • Mr C Baker

    Year 2 Teacher (Hedgehogs Class)
  • Mrs N Brown

    Teacher, Safeguarding and Attendance
  • Mrs A Clifford

    Foundation 1 Teacher
  • Mrs E Trainor

    Foundation 2 Teacher (Star Fish Class)
  • Miss A Dobson

    Year 2 Teacher (Squirrels Class)
  • Mr K Hopkinson

    Foundation 2 Teacher (Turtle Class)

Key Stage 2 Staff

Our curriculum is designed to develop the skills essential to the children’s future and well-being,
delivered with encouragement and enthusiasm so children fulfill their potential.

Key Stage 2 Staff

  • Mrs J Evans

    Year 3 Teacher (Hummingbirds Class)
  • Mr T Thorpe

    Year 3 Teacher (Toucans Class)
  • Mr I Bennett

    Year 5 Teacher (Otters Class)
  • Miss A Bracegirdle

    Year 6 Teacher (Lions Class)
  • Mrs E Preece

    Year 6 Teacher (Leopards Class)
  • Mr A Bailey

    Sports Leader
  • Mrs S Pick

    Year 4 Teacher (Jaguars Class)
  • Mr C Underwood

    Year 4 Teacher (Pumas Class)
  • Miss E Reynolds

    Year 5 Teacher