Year 5



Miss O. Khan / Miss A. Self

Teaching Assistants

Mrs D. Snowden


Classes: 5OK and 5ASe


In Year 5 we are learning about at a range of topics. In the first half of Autumn term, we will be learning about Volcanoes and how they were formed millions of years ago. In the second half of Autumn term, investigate Earth and Space and the numerous planets within our Solar System. After Christmas, we have more exciting topics that include The Anglo Saxons, Life Cycles and The English Civil War. Throughout the year, we will have various educational visitors and trips to enhance our understanding of the topics we are studying. 


We pride ourselves on our uniform. Children should all come to school wearing the school blazer, tie, black shoes, black trousers/skirt and a white shirt. P.E. kit should be brought into school on Monday and taken home on Friday. Children should have a P.E. top, shorts and trainers or plimsolls. Pupils should be prepared for P.E. in cold but dry conditions outdoors, as the year progresses; a dark coloured jumper/sweatshirt and dark tracksuit bottoms would be ideal.

PE will be delivered on a Monday and Tuesday.

Home School Diaries

At the beginning of the school year, each child will receive a home school diary. This is to provide parents and teachers a form of communication, a place to record how often a child has read (at home and in school) and a brief description of how they have done. Reading plays a tremendous part in each of our lessons and we hope that it is something children can share with their parents at home. We expect all children to read as often as possible.

Listed below are some websites that can help you with your learning. Enjoy taking part in these activities when you are at home and continuing your learning outside of school.

For more information about the Key Stage 2 curriculum, please contact Miss P. Eyre (Key Stage 2 leader and Assistant Principal).

Session Times

Morning Session 8:45am - 12:30pm
Afternoon Session 1:15pm - 3:10pm