Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health

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Emotional well-being and mental health

At The Parkgate Academy we strongly believe that children need to be happy and emotionally secure in order for them to be able to learn. We have strategies in place to ensure that children in school have someone to talk to if they are feeling anxious or worried about anything. We are also able to access external support for children who are finding things difficult.


Emotional well-being and mental health

Classes also all have systems to ensure that children can have time on their own with their teacher if something is worrying them or if they are feeling unhappy.

If children are still struggling to manage their feelings or emotions despite accessing support in school, we can refer to a range of support agencies. Some of these are listed below:

CASY Counselling
Healthy Families Team
We also give support to children in school such as managing emotions groups or anger management support.