Year 6



Mrs Amy Wilson (6AW)
Miss Annalea Dobson (6AD)


Mrs D Snowdon


8:40am - 12:15pm


1:00pm - 3:10pm


Classes: 6AD and 6AW

Year 6 is an exciting year for our children. We focus on developing skills and independence in the core subjects across the whole curriculum. Please read below for more information:

Our topics this year include Vikings and Dragons where we will use clay and pencils to study the details of dragon eyes and visit The Jorvik Viking Centre. We will also study the 17th Century through topics such as The Great Plague, Shakespeare and The Gun Powder Plot. After Christmas, we will be working towards Chinese New Year and learning about Ancient Chinese civilizations. Our children will also study about British Values including The Suffragette Movement and using the books The Island and The Arrival to consider what immigration means. For the summer term, we will be studying WWII and will visit the The Holocaust Centre at Laxton. We have also got our residential planned for the end of the year which will be a fun way to celebrate the end of Primary School for our Year 6s.
We pride ourselves on our uniform. Children should all come to school wearing the school blazer, tie, black shoes, black trousers/skirt and a white shirt.
P.E. kit should be brought into school on Monday and is taken home on Fridays. Children should have a P.E. top, shorts and trainers or plimsolls.
Home School Diaries
These are used to communicate between parents and teachers. Please note when your child has read and how they have done. We expect all Year 6 children to read as often as possible.
The Year 6 team are always available and happy to discuss any queries you may have.
For more information about the Key Stage 2 curriculum, please contact Mrs Amy Wilson (Key Stage 2 leader and Assistant Principal).