Year 5



Mrs. Rebecca Stanford, Miss. Chloe Brock-Taylor and Mr. Adam Bailey


8:40am - 12:15pm


1:00pm - 3:10pm


Classes: 5RS & 5CBT

Our topics this year are as follows: Rocks, Earth and Space, Volcanoes, Ancient Egypt, Properties and changes of materials, Life Cycles, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, Scandinavia, Forces, Sound and American Civil Rights. Throughout the year we will be taking part in a a range of educational visits to support the delivery of these areas and embed learning.


We pride ourselves on our uniform. Children should all come to school wearing the school blazer, tie, black shoes, black trousers/skirt and a white shirt. P.E. kit should be brought into school on Monday and taken home on Friday. Children should have a P.E. top, shorts and trainers or plimsolls. Pupils should be prepared for P.E. in cold but dry conditions outdoors, as the year progresses; a dark coloured jumper/sweatshirt and dark tracksuit bottoms would be ideal.

Home School Diaries

These are used to communicate between parents and teachers and must be brought into school every day. We expect all Year 5 children to read daily and this should be recorded in their diary. 

For more information about the Key Stage 2 curriculum, please contact Mr Reece Davy (Key Stage 2 leader and Vice Principal Designate).

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Year 5 News
29th December 2017

Egyptian Circlets

As part of their topic about Ancient Egypt, children from Year 5 have made Egyptian circlets.
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29th December 2017

Y5 Planetarium Visit

As part of their topic work about space, Year 5 have experienced a presentation by Star-Lincs Planetarium.  
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