Hi ho Hi ho

In our music sessions we have listened to and watched a clip of the song Heigh Ho from Snow White. We know this music was written for Film and Theatre. We talked about how the film makes the diamond mine look pretty, not like the Victorian coal mines we have been learning about.

We listened to the percussion rhythm in the introduction which sounded like the dwarves pick axes hitting the rock. We copied it using untuned percussion, counting 4 beats in each bar of music. We talked about the different wooden and metal instruments and learned how to hold and play them so that the sound vibrated. We tried rubber and wooden beaters to see which created the best sound on our instruments. 

We practised playing in two groups, with the wooden instruments playing on beat 1 and 3 whilst the metal ones played on beat 2 and 4. We had to concentrate and watch Mrs Beech who was conducting.