Y1 – Little Boat

In Year 1 this week we learnt all about the ‘Little Boat’! We became the boat by following instructions to make our own paper boat.

Little BoatLittle Boat

We used our paper boat to help us to describe how we felt as the boat whilst using new and exciting words like: merry, cheerful, peaceful, joyful, frightened, petrified, scared, lonely and terrified.

Little Boat Little Boat

We then focused on sequencing the story using different time conjunctives such as, first, then, next, suddenly and finally. We used these words to help us to write our diary entry of the adventure we (the boat) went on.

Little Boat Little Boat


Here is the video if you wish to share it with your child: https://vimeo.com/22894261

Here are instructions on how to make a paper boat, see if your child can teach you! https://www.persil.com/uk/dirt-is-good/arts-crafts/how-to-make-a-paper-boat-step-by-step.html