Sherwood Forest Trip

Last week Year 2 went to Sherwood Forest to learn about the medieval Christmas traditions. We began our day singing Christmas songs on the double decker bus. When we arrived we went on a (very wet) hunt around the forest to find Robin Hood. He left us clues hanging on trees to follow to the Major Oak where he was hiding from the Sheriff. The clues taught us about different medieval traditions, such as the meat eaten at Christmas. As we walked through the forest we spotted different types of trees that Mrs Beech had taught us on our walk in Boughton woods. When we got to the Major Oak tree, Robin Hood was nowhere to be seen. We had to convince Robin that the Sheriffs men were not around so he could come out. We shouted very loudly, “Come out Robin Hood the coast is clear, the Sheriff’s men are not here”. When Robin Hood came out he took out some presents for us from inside the tree. We walked back to the classroom with Robin Hood who told us lots about his bow and arrow and his sword. 

When we arrived back at the classroom we had our lunch and made some Christmas crafts to take home. Finally, Mrs Beech read us a Christmas story whilst we sipped on a lovely hot chocolate.