Fire Fighting!

On Friday, we were going to have the Firefighters in to talk to us about Firefighting in 1666 and now. Unfortunately, they were called out to an emergency and could not come. However, we still did some activities about firefighting. We watched a clip of some children interviewing firefighters. They asked them questions about what they do as a firefighter. We learnt that they have two types of boots to wear, that there are two different tones on the fire engine siren and they have beds in the fire station to sleep in on overnight shifts. Then, we made our own firefighter helmets and badges to wear. We listened to a story about a firefighter visit. Finally, we played some firefighting action games, where we climbed the ladders, reeled out the hoses, put on the sirens and drove the fire engine. Although we did not have the firefighters in, we still enjoyed our activities. 

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