Year 2



Miss Amy Porter and Miss Phoebe Eyre


Mrs Julie Darby and Miss Mary Lees


8:55am - 12.15pm


1:00pm - 2:55pm


Classes: 2AP and 2PE

This year in Year 2 we are looking at a range of topics, including My World, The Great Fire of London, We are Britain, Amazing Animals, Awesome Authors and Robin Hood. 

Reading is something we love to do and we really hope you can share this experience with your child. We ask you to listen to your child read daily and write a note in their diary to let the teacher know how they got on.

In Year 2, P.E is done every week. It is very important that each child brings their own P.E kit (shorts, t-shirt and plimsolls) and keeps this in school each half term. 

This webpage contains all the information you need to know. Listed below are some websites which can help you in your learning. Enjoy taking part in these activities when you are at home and continuing your learning outside of school. Continue to check the website on a regular basis as it will be regularly updated with new items added.

Maths games: Literacy games: Science games: History:

The Year 2 team are always available and happy to discuss any queries you may have.


Please note, if you would like more details regarding the Key Stage 1 Curriculum please contact Miss Amy Porter.

Key Stage 1 phonics
Please note the school uses the Letters and Sounds scheme to teach reading and phonics across key stage one. Letters and Sounds provides a structured and systematic approach to teaching phonics. As a school, we are using this approach with the aim to promote fluency in speaking, reading and writing.


For more information about the Key Stage 1 curriculum, please contact Miss Amy Porter (Key Stage 1 leader).



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