Our School Logo and Branding

Logo Implementation

Rules governing the implementation of The Parkgate Academy Logo and Identity

The design of the logos are the shared intellectual property of the Wilson Design Group and The Parkgate Academy. Their download and use are strictly restricted to those with permission from the Academy in agreement of their use.

The logo should never be implemented upon any graphical or digitally published material in any different format other than the three formats shown here. The elements of the motif and typography should not be interpreted differently to those shown here or moved in any other position in relation to each other in any other way than those demonstrated here.


This is primarily for guidance of the implementation of the logo upon the school uniform and significantly upon the school blazer.

  • Colour Separated Logo (Medium Resolution PSD)
  • Illustrator Vectorised File
  • PNG File



Design 2 shows the crest centred above the typographical element and is designed as the primary use for the implementation of the logo on all printed and digitally published information.



Design 3 shows the crest to the left of the typography and is the second option for usage of The Parkgate Academy where it is more convenient to implement it upon graphically or digitally published information, rather than the manner shown in Design 1.

  • Download Logo (High Resolution)
  • Illustrator Vectorised File
  • PNG File

Design 1 / School Badge Design


Labor omnia vincit (Latin for “hardwork (or determination) conquers all”)

Design 3 / Logo To the Left of the typography

Incorporating the motto

If you are a supplier to The Parkgate Academy requiring further assistance with regard to the implementation of their logo to ensure you have the correct artwork in the correct format then please contact the Wilson Design Group on the below link.